15 hours in Zagreb

During my interrailing adventures we had an incredibly brief but equally beautiful stop in Zagreb, in between Budapest and Ljubljana.

So I thought I’d give you a brief rundown of what we got up to in our 15 hours in Zagreb.

We arrived late at night so we headed straight to the hostel. The route from the train station to the hostel was somewhat circuitous especially in dark. We did see lots of nice looking bars with outside seating that looked to be serving some good cocktails. If we’d had more time, we definitely would have stopped for a drink or two. But since we only had 15 hours it was on to our hostel for us.

We were staying in the Chillout Hostel Zagreb which was a rather ironic name as it was probably the rowdiest hostel we stayed in. As you entered in there was a rather busy bar, but luckily as we got up to our room it was much quieter.

The room itself was very cozy with three beds in a row with a further three in top, separated only by sheets of plywood. The rest of the room was essentially a corridor with a small desk and a couple of stools with an en-suite bathroom. The room was very functional and worked for us for our brief stay but I wouldn’t have wanted to stay much longer and certainly not with strangers!

Determined to make the most of our short time in Zagreb, we got up early and headed to a bakery for some breakfast. We found the closest one we could – a local brand called Mlinar.

After breakfast, we headed to the Upper Town, climbing the steps since we didn’t have any Croatian money to pay for the funicular. The Upper Town was full of winding streets and beautiful old buildings, the most famous of which is St Mark’s church.

Since we were up so early in the morning, we had the delight of being able to admire (and photograph) the church without anyone else in sight!

As soon as it was open we headed to the Museum of Broken Relationships and were the first people in there for the day! Admittedly by the time we left, the museum was rather busy but it was still great fun.

The exhibits were a beautiful mix of heartbreaking, hilarious and heartwarming. A particular favourite of mine is the one below.

After the museum we just had a little wander around the Upper town, looking at the view across the city. In particular we admired the Zagreb cathedral, although it did rudely have scaffolding on at the time.

We then headed down into the main part of the town, where we did a bit of shopping, picking up the obligatory fridge magnets and postcards. After all, have you even been somewhere unless you’ve bought a magnet?

We then looked briefly around the square and admired the statue whilst we ate our snacks before buying lunch to take on the train on the way to our next destination.

So that’s it! That’s how we spent 15 hours in Zagreb!

If you want to find out more about my interrailing journey, you can check out my posts on Budapest and Warsaw.

Have you ever been Zagreb?

Would you like to go, even for just 15 hours?


  1. Wow, you packed a lot into 15 hours! We’re hoping to visit Zagreb soon as part of a Croatia road trip. I’m really looking forward to the Museum of Broken Relationships (I saw a small travelling exhibit in Amsterdam a few years back).


  2. I have never visited Zagreb but it sure looks lovely! The museum seems like quite an amusing place to visit for sure – I love what is written under the toaster! So harsh but brilliant 😂


  3. Looks pretty cool, and I’m putting that museum on my list. Sounds super fun. And to answer your question, yes, I’d love to visit Zagreb.


  4. I’ve also stayed in this hostel once. Kind of weird sleeping at the very top. Haha. Zagreb is very lovely, I’ve been few times for a day and hope to squeeze in a visit after Christmas this year to see their Christmas markets.


  5. I’ve been to Croatia but we didn’t make it to Zagreb, I’d love to go there, especially after reading your post! that museum of broken relationships looking entertaining! (and we too are always on the search for the obligatory fridge magnet everywhere we go!)


  6. I’ve not been to (it heard of Zagreb) but they museum sounds very interesting! I’ve not been to one that showcases various objects from relationships.


  7. Sounds like you took advantage of the time you had! I’ve never been there, but would like to visit at some point! Thanks for sharing!


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