Budgeting your Interrailing Trip

Sorry! I’m going to do the thing all Brits dread – talk about money!

But let’s be real, we can’t talk about travel without getting into the nitty gritty of what it all costs.

Interrailing can be done on the cheap or can be a super expensive endeavour. Basically it’s up to you!

So I thought I’d spill the dirty details of how much my interrailing trip costs. To give you the low down, I went for 16 days with 5 of my friends. We flew into Warsaw and flew out of Prague and stayed in a mixture of hostels and airBnBs.

So this is my spending on travel! The £95 on flights is a flight from Manchester to Warsaw and a flight from Prague to Stansted. The £228 is the cost of youth Interrail pass that allows 7 days travel in a month. The trains are the trains I took within the UK to get from my home city to and from the airports. The reservation cost is for one train from Warsaw to Bratislava (which was an overnight train, so is basically one night’s accommodation)

So this is what I spent on accommodation – a grand total of £221.96 (plus a little bit more because the pound was weaker when we finally paid for everything). That’s for 14 nights of accommodation in a mixture of airBnBs and hostels. As you can see we stayed in four hostels and three AirBnBs dependant on what was cheaper in each city – but generally did longer stays in the AirBnBs. Since there were 6 of us on our trip, AirBnBs were a really valid option because actually by the time you split the cost of an apartment it often cost a similar amount to a hostel with more privacy and facilities. Just to clarify we spent 2 nights in Warsaw, 1 in Bratislava, 3 in Budapest, 1 in Zagreb, 2 in Ljubljana, 2 in Vienna and 3 in Prague. We prebooked this all before we went so we knew how much this was going to cost.

This is then my daily expenses – so what I spent on food, souvenirs, activities etc each day! I originally had a budget of £25 but as you can see that didn’t really happen! That wasn’t to worry though because I had the money to go over my budget slightly. This isn’t the cheapest daily spending or the most expensive. This is a combination of nice meals and drinks out and cooking in our AirBnBs, walking for miles and choosing to rent electronic scooters, finding the student discounts and paying for the experiences we wanted. You could definitely spend a lot more or lot less!

If anyone wants a summary of where all that money went – here’s a fun little pie chart!

Food included meals out in restaurants, breakfasts in cafe, cocktails, ice creams, food for cooking in the AirBnBs, any snacks or lunch foods I bought. It’s where the vast majority of my money went and I’m happy with that! It allowed me to try new foods, eat nice meals and enjoy cooking and snacking.

Transport included Ubers, taxis, metros and lime scooters (in Warsaw) as well as the £12 return bus ticket to Bled from Ljubljana. We mainly walked so the Ubers and taxis were often when we arrived in a city late at night with all our bags and I think we only took the metro/buses in Vienna and Budapest because they were bigger cities.

Entertainment included museum and castle entries, a boat tour, paddle boarding and our spa day at the baths in Budapest. We did quite a lot of free stuff from walking tours to exploring the city solo to visiting churches and free parts of castles. I think was probably quite a reasonable amount and was significantly increased by our £20 spa tickets which were a special treat and so needed!

Miscellaneous is the category I used to track my souvenir shopping. As a general rule I bought postcards (and stamps) and magnets in every city as well as another memento or souvenir to remember it by such as a picture or a notebook etc.

The final category on this pie chart isn’t specified but it’s accommodation and under that I put any lockers or toilets we had to pay for on our travels – I think it only totalled just over £5.

So in summary my interrailing trip cost about £1050 which is just over what I’d budgeted for the trip of £1000. But all in all I was pretty happy with the amount I spent. We didn’t splash the cash but exactly we didn’t scrimp and save the whole trip. Personally for a 16 day trip I think just over a thousand pounds is not a bad price although obviously I’m aware you could easily spend more or less.

Have you ever been interrailing?

How much did you spend?

How do you budget for your holidays?


  1. This is a great breakdown. As much as we would all love to just focus on travelling and experiencing the world, few of us have enough money to not consider the budget side of it all. By learning how to budget and plan our travel, we can make our income stretch further!


  2. It is so cool that you did an interrailing trip! It is great that you got yourselves great deals, and big plus on being able to track the prices to the penny! Your expenses are really good as well, especially when you get to see a lot over the two weeks!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


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